As a general rule of thumb project planning should begin a few months in advance to accommodate schedules and for ordering supplies.

We need to know:

  • When are you looking to have the workshops?
  • What medium would you like to experiment with?
  • What are your learning objectives for the project?
  • How many classes are you willing to devote to these workshops?
  • How many students do you have?
  • We’ll help design your project while connecting you with local artists, teachers, librarians and museum educators who can work with you and your students.

The program supports arts based projects that incorporate library resources, technologies or special collections. Many of the projects include not only an artistic piece, but a digital component.

Some examples of student projects:

  • Handmade object & accompanying Audio interview or Audio Artist Statement.
  • Relief printing & accompanying website or digital artifact.
  • Accordion Book Structure & accompanying Audio podcasts or Audio Book
  • 3-d Sculpture and Video or Audio Artist Statement.
  • Photographic Portraits and Community Interviews.

Is there any cost to the students or myself?

No, this is a federal grant funded initiative from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. In most cases, our funding sources are able to cover implementing the workshops and supplies. We will notify you if shared cost is necessary.

Is this limited to any department or discipline?

No! Any course on campus is welcome-past participants: LMC, HTS, BIO, ME…

Where do these workshops take place?

Generally, in studio style spaces on campus in the Library, AIR Space, Clough, or the Paper Museum.

Can we have an exhibit of student work at the end?

Yes! Exhibits are encouraged. We can arrange to have work displayed in Clough or elsewhere. Your projects and participating classes will be showcased on the program website. This is an opportunity to showcase innovative pedagogy.

Will I have to plan or implement activities on my own?

No, if accepted, the program partners approach this as fully collaborative experience and can be as involved in the process, as you want us to be. We work with a variety of partners all over campus who help implement these ideas.

Can projects that involve Georgia Tech Students or Campus groups, but are not course based, participate?

Yes! It depends on the nature of the project. But in some cases non- course based projects can participate. Reach out to us for more details- we look at these on a case-by –case basis.


Contact Program Coordinator – Alison Valk or fill out the form: https://art.library.gatech.edu/apply