Immunology and Immunochemistry, Dr. Jennifer Leavy and Dr. Jung Choi

Biology 4570, Immunology and Immunochemistry
Spring 2017
Professor: Jennifer Leavy and Jung Choi

Printmaking at the Paper MuseumProject Description:

In spring 2017, students taking BIOL 4570, Immunology, with Dr. Jung Choi and Dr. Jennifer Leavey embarked on an innovative creative project.In collaboration with Atlanta artist Ashley Schick, and librarian Alison Valk, students designed and printed linoleum-cut posters inspired by world war II era public health campaigns. The students incorporated visual elements into these posters that represent how vaccines induce adaptive immunity and how immunity protects against infectious disease. Each group also created an accompanying video that examined the science reflected in the artwork and their creative process. Workshops focusing on relief printing and video editing took place at the Georgia Tech Paper Museum and the Georgia Tech Library.

Sample Video Projects


Software options : 

  • Imovie
  • Audacity